Headline: 4.3.1 Energy systems

The tipping dynamics in wind and solar power create potential for cascading effects to energy demand sectors, including household energy demand. These most likely start with shift actions and adoption of household-scale batteries and heat pumps. Key enablers are strong regulations incentivising reductions in demand and setting minimum efficiency levels for buildings and appliances. While there is evidence of spillovers to more environmentally friendly behaviour, the extent of these and the key leverage points present a knowledge gap. Moreover, these behavioural feedback loops require strong additional policy support to ‘make them stick’.

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Alkemade, F., de Bruin, B., Pasimeni, F., Niamir, L., Wade, R., Mey, F., Lilliestam, J., & Maier, R. (2023). 4.3.1 Energy systems. In T. M. Lenton, D. I. Armstrong McKay, S. Loriani, J. F. Abrams, & S. J. Lade (Eds.), The Global Tipping Points Report 2023 (pp. 298-302). Exeter, UK: University of Exeter.

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Identifying Positive Tipping Points towards Clean Energy Transitions in Carbon Intensive Regions (Tipping+)